Manasia Trip & Exquisite Lunch (Group of 6 people)

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Manasia Trip & Exquisite Lunch is an all inclusive experience for foreign tourists who make a city break in Bucharest.

On this one day trip, you will have the opportunity to get to know one of the architectural jewels of Baragan, the only class I historical monument in Ialomita County. Make your reservation at least 24-48 hours before your visit.


The trip schedule (6 Hours) 10 AM – 4 PM:


The Mansion from Domeniul Manasia is one of the most fabulous places to see near Bucharest.


What our customers say


“I’ve spent a lovely afternoon at Domeniul Manasia. Amazing services, kind personnel, exquisite and refined dishes and food presentation!!! Thank you for the way you’ve organized this small escapade!”

— Dr. Rodica Rotaru

“Wanderful oasis… escape from the city with a romantic touch”

— Carmen Petcu

“A great place! Perfect for a Sunday escape! Exquisite menu, pleasant ambiance and a guide who deserves all the admiration!”

— Silviu Berari

“Un tres beau centre de reunion dans un magnifique manoir du 19e siecle.”

— Eric Broneer


Domeniul Manasia is 50 km from Bucharest and impresses its guests with its aristocratic presence and impeccable services.

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Manasia Trip & Exquisite Lunch (Group of 6 people) #1

2,144.00 lei