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Salmon fillet

Salmon fillet cooked on low temperature in extra virgin olive oil. The salmon becomes silky, juicy and full of savor. The radish is infused in cherry vinegar and the asparagus is cooked in butter. Everything is seasoned with yuzu cream.

Lamb chops

It’s a classic dish with high quality ingredients. The fresh vegetables are seasoned with spices grown in our own garden and wrapped in lamb caul. Baked together, the vegetables become juicy and full of flavors.

Apple foie gras

A classical foie gras dish with apples infused in Porto wine and saffron dressing served with vegetables cooked in butter and champagne vinegar, with orange sauce and yeast extract.

Tournedo Rossini

Another classical dish discreetly reinterpreted by adding a thin crust of Panko and using tender veal meat, full of savor. The legend says this dish was created especially for the composer Gioachino Rossini by some of the greatest French chefs.

Red Snapper fillet

A dish of many textures, a symphony of flavors combined to get the perfect taste. The perfect balance is obtained by putting together the crispy garlic, the creamy fillet and the slightly acid parsley coulis with champagne vinegar.

Lobster tail

Secrets borrowed from different cuisines are used in this fine recipe, to set it apart from the classical butter cooked lobster. The lobster tail is cooked in butter with soft bone marrow and served with a slightly acid and spicy mustard scion granita.

Dove breast

One special dish, very hard to cook. We’ve used a vanguardist technique in order to cook it medium-rare and to keep intact that special dove texture. The homemade ravioli completes the dish with the fancy smoked taste of Morel mushrooms or the sweet baked pumpkin.

Salmonized trout

The buttery flavored red cabbage cream, spiced up with caraway and cooked in red wine together with the fish create a daring dish. The crunchy white asparagus and kale complement the softness of the fish fillet.

Cold appetizers

Rabbit terrine with green olives and capers, wrapped in speck. Catfish pickled with black tea, horseradish cream and fresh fennel. Roast beef on golden crouton with zucchini and broccoli cream. Foie Gras terrine with baked celery and tartufo. Goat cheese with fresh beetroot chips.

Creme brulee

Another classic dish reinterpreted, served with croutons and dehydrated apple slices with sour cherry powder.


Homemade crunchy pastry, with vanilla cream made from Madagascar pods and fresh berries. All served with a creamy beetroot homemade ice cream.

Lemon tart

Crunchy dough made from almond flower, lemon cream, merengue, nugatin. Inspired by a famous French chef and served with homemade vanilla ice cream. The edible flowers, with a light taste of lemon and pepper complete this ravishing dish.

Chocolate mousse

Inspired by the recipe of a French chef, Alexandru Iacob brings his own personal touch to this recipe. He uses different chocolate assortments and textures: aerated, liquid, crisp. It is served with homemade raspberry sorbet.

Amandina and sorbet

Elegant, exquisite and even noble, this is another classic reinterpreted by Chef Alexandru Iacob to match the sophisticated mansion menu.