Fascinating by the nobility you discover as soon as you step through its gates, the Manasia Domain claims its former glory by creating the perfect environment for sophisticated and memorable experiences, adapted to the current social environment.

A patrimony gem unparalleled in the Baragan area – included in the Complex of the Hagianoff Mansion, it is open again for the public and becomes thus the first Class A historical monument of national importance fully restored in the Ialomita County. The domain includes the manorial mansion, the two-hectare park and the wine cellar under the mansion, monuments ennobled by the aristocratic history of the estate. Established at the beginning of the 18thcentury, the Manasia Estate waits to be re-discovered, only 50 kilometers away from Bucharest, in the homonym locality.

With integrity and respect for the rich historical value of the domain, an impressive team of restorers, architects and decorators, under the careful guidance of its current owners – Ariadna Löwendal Danila and her husband, artist Dorin Danila, breathes new life into this property.


The Manasia Estate opens again, more discreet and more exquisite than ever, in order to be reintegrated in the local cultural, economic and social scenery, as well as in the life of the local neighboring communities.

Striking by the thorough attention lent to each and every detail, the halls of the mansion, the wine cellar and the park are reinvented and adapted to the contemporary context and to the needs of any organization, company or private person looking for the perfect space for the development of a social, corporate or private event.

The contrast between the sophisticated architectural details and the high-tech equipment confers the mansion an eclectic character rarely seen in Romania. A team of professionals that aims for excellent services is always prepared to fulfill the specific requirements of each and every client.


The avant-garde kitchen stands out among the services meant to create memorable experiences. Driven by passion towards perfectionism, we ingeniously create gourmet delights, using the freshest and most refined ingredients of the season.


RESERVATIONS ONLY The entire domain is open for public visits upon requesting to book one of our services or during one of our events. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!