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The Manasia Park reaches a surface of two hectares and was reconditioned by a team of landscape architects with British lawn and paved alleys. The Park is ideal for hosting outdoor events, music concerts or theatre plays. Child friendly spaces or spots for intimate relaxing moments can be set up during our events.

You can spend magical moments in the shade of the glorious plane-trees or you can walk along the rare species of time-honored trees that enhance the rich history of the estate. Depending on the season, you can discover scented flower gardens filled with roses, lilac, ginkgo tree, silk tree, tulips, iris or you can visit the domain’s vegetable and spices own garden.

The wooden stall on an artificial hill built by Prince Efrem Obrenovici, the pond with ducks, the white and blue peacocks that walk free in the park or the pottery studio are favorite attractions among our visitors.